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For several generations we have grown up with the family-friendly and censored versions of classic tales such as Snow White, Rapunzel and the Snow Queen, this is mainly thanks to the film industry empire Walt Disney Studios and for very good reason. These classic tales are dark, scary, and not very marketable to families. These animations have also done a lot of good creating happy memories, teaching good life lessons, and inspiring creativity for nearly 100 years.

However, no matter how much a company is respected and experienced as Disney is it is open to mass criticism from audiences and critics alike. Lately, we have been exposed to shallow life action remakes of our favourite animated classics, cashing in on our childhood nostalgia. Not only is this easy money but it gives the excuse for the film industry no to be creative and rework on old ideas that didn’t need touching (Lion King being the huge example). The stories in this book are a response to Hollywood that there other stronger, lesser-known tales from around the world that are begging for the spotlight. Since there are so many of these stories, I have split them into categories and the first book in this series is going to revolve around the theme of death.

These stories were chosen carefully to reflect different areas from the world and making sure the topic of death unique and tackles it a different way from the last story. For example, with have the Grimm Brothers tale Godfather Death about a young man who ticks Death into saving a princess and then we have another tale of a woman who loses there child and comes to terms in accepting his death and nothing can be done to save him.

Understandable Death is something we want to shield our young from (and sometimes adults would shield themselves from it as we will see in this book) however the harsh reality is that we can’t if it’s a family member or friend who can’t be saved by modern medicine or a freak accident or a grandparent is passing away in there sleep we all have to face grief eventually and I hope that the stories in this book will help both children and adults and those in-between come to terms with mortality and if not….at least you might be able to get some enjoyment out these crazy dark stories.

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